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Your pages can appear to be lost in the millions of web pages online, then found when you get that telephone call, we have all had it; “we can guarantee to get you top listing in Google so everyone will find you”. Let us clear one thing up from the start, there are some excellent search engine optimisation specialists, but no-one can give such a guarantee!

If you want to see your web pages at the top of Google do a Google search for your telephone number, something which is unique to you and see the results! Optimisation of web pages is not an exact science, optimising web pages is a constantly moving playing field, the method of logging web pages and providing search results is updated regularly to ensure users get the results they want. Top rankings cannot be bought!

An example; enter into Google ‘Search Engine' one would expect the world No.1search engine ‘Google' to be number one, but its not!  Don't be taken in by false promises, speak to us about optimisation before you start writing cheques!